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Employees’ skills are crucial for company success. They can drive the business towards higher profits if they’re well-aligned with the organization’s strategy. Top-level learning management system allows you to unlock the full potential of your employees and better leverage their capabilities in service of your business goals. With Cornerstone OnDemand HCM suite provided by eConsulting you can combine these advantages the fastest way possible.

Digital learning has proven to be the most effective choice for many organizations, especially with the impact of COVID-19 and largest cultural shift in history to a virtual workforce. Learning and human capital management (HCM) systems have evolved to become efficient tools for onboarding, upskilling, streamlining teamwork, and aligning employees with company business goals.

Today’s learning software market offers plenty of options: when it comes to top-level solutions the choice is only one. The recent Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for Learning Systems positions Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) as the sole strategic leader in the Learning System Suites category.

As eConsulting, we feel privileged to be Cornerstone OnDemand’s main partner for MEE and EMEA regions and assist companies with implementing premium quality HCM framework.

Cornerstone OnDemand: strategic leader in the learning systems market

According to Fosway’s research, in recent months the vast majority of businesses have switched to online learning channels, and the learning platforms have attracted unexpectedly high number of users. Rapidly growing interest in learning and HCM systems puts pressure on vendors to come up to the customers’ expectations and provide the best experience possible.

Fosway’s analysis presents an in-depth view of the learning systems market, with a convenient classification of the main actors into two groups: suites and specialists. While the latter cover specific areas and may excel at specialized tasks and projects, suites deliver far more complex solutions with a wide array of learning and HCM applications.

As demonstrated in Fosway’s grid, both on the performance and potential scale there’s only one strategic leader in the HCM market, and it is Cornerstone OnDemand.

Cornerstone OnDemand HCM suite aligns learning management with your business goals

At eConsulting, with our many years’ experience as Cornerstone OnDemand partner, we’re perfectly aware that employee learning experience is crucial to a company’s long-term success. We share the less obvious idea, embedded in Cornerstone OnDemand’s solutions, that a perfect learning system should support your human capital management strategy and seamlessly align with your business goals.

Ultimately, employees and companies grow supportively. Cornerstone OnDemand’s HCM suite drives that growth faster than any other tool available.

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