IT Outsourcing
Optimize time and human capital
while maintaining full control over the project

eConsulting collaborates with specialists who meet all the substantive and personality requirements specified by clients. We are knowledgeable in the field of human capital management as well as IT know-how acquired over years. Our highly qualified team of researchers and recruiters thoroughly reviews and verifies the labor and market trends. Our database consists of up to 20,000 active professional specialists.

Furthermore, we also give the opportunity to prepare professionals according to client’s requirements, providing them with training in niche technologies.



eConsulting offer consists in outsourcing individual IT specialists, who compliment clients team. This solution enables clients to quickly and effectively meet the needs arising from the lack of human resources or skills required during the project.

A specialist with specific, confirmed substantive skills and project experience is included in a selected team for a defined period performing tasks delegated and supervised by a project manager. The standard way of accounting for work in case of body leasing is ‘Time and Material’ method, namely – somewhat simplified – remuneration is calculated based on an hourly or daily report.



This is an excellent solution when it comes to quick implementation of a complex project, which considerably exceeds current potential of a team in a client. The offer consists in providing a complete IT team specialized in a given technology: analysts, programmers, testers, etc. In this option, team operations are managed by a project manager who is part of it whereas work is administered directly by a client.

The settlement method is based on hourly or daily reports (Time and Material) or according to ‘Fixed Price’ model, i.e. the amount of remuneration is determined in advance. In case of leasing the entire team, eConsulting is held accountable not only for providing specialists with specific skills, but also for effective teamwork and achieving expected results.



This is the most common type of outsourcing services in which the IT industry takes the lead. Outsourcing of services, in large part, relieves the company of high recruitment costs.

eConsulting provides IT services outsourcing by taking over comprehensively or partially (depending on arrangements with a client) IT services necessary for organization operation.

The client transfers IT features or service of selected technologies, team, equipment and transmits technology expertise.

eConsulting enriches acquired know-how and optimises the management of a facility providing services in accordance with established levels of SLA services.


software development:
 Java, .NET, JavaScript, SQL, mobile solutions, sharepoint
system administration
quality assurance
business intelligence
cloud computing
IT administration of systems

why us?

eConsulting supports clients in achieving their business goals by taking responsibility for departments that are not directly related to their core business. We have been providing support for IT processes since 2002. Therefore, we are now able to provide our clients with:


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