IT Outsourcing

Our IT experts are carefully selected to suit the needs of your project.

Based on our experience, we will provide you with the best candidates that meet your requirements.

For nearly 20 years, we have provided companies and institutions with access to a database of the best IT specialists on the market. Thanks to a proven recruitment process and careful technical verifications, we match candidates with the most complex requirements and needs of our clients. We successfully connect employers with experts, as evidenced by hundreds of successful projects and satisfied clients.

What does our process look like?

Stage 1:
Identification of needs

At the first stage, we get to know your needs and requirements for candidates. We delve into the specifics of the project, and then discuss the competencies that will allow you to meet your business objectives. We take into account both technical (“hard”) and interpersonal (“soft”) competencies that match your company’s organizational culture.

Stage 2:
Careful selection

At this stage we check whether the candidate:
  • is appropriately motivated?
  • will they fit into the team?
Having properly understood your requirements, we select the best candidates from our database and from those available on the market. Reliable selection according to our proven methodology guarantees the timelines of the project, stability of employment, competence and cultural fit. We place particular emphasis on the verification of candidates’ commitment and motivation.

Stage 3:
In-depth technical verification

At this stage, we verify that the candidate has the right competencies.
As an IT company with 20 years of project experience, we know the importance of the initial technical vetting of candidates. What sets our process apart is that our interviews are performed by selected domain experts. This ensures that we provide you only with the vetted candidates that fit your project. This will save you valuable time by avoiding lengthy analysis of dozens of resumes.

What sets us apart?

Top quality service, personalized contact with a specialized representative.

Quality is in our DNA. We provide you with the professionals who know GxP regulations and specialize in the life science sector.
Our experts speak 9 different languages. Moreover, our consultants are constantly upskilling, which is confirmed by the number of obtained certificates (e.g. ITIL, Scrum, PRINCE 2 Project Management, Docker Solution Architect certification, 563 PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, 547 PRO: Designing and Developing Web-based Applications by Using the Microsoft® .NET Framework, Oracle 11g database SQL tuning workshop, Microsoft-network security (M-BS)).
There are over 20,000 qualified IT experts in our network eager to work with your team. Tell us about your needs and we will match people with the competencies required to execute your project.

Our specializations


  • Business Analysts, System Analysts
  • Subject Matter Experts (GxP environments, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology)

Project Management

  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Project Managers

Software Development

  • Back-End Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Full-Stack Developers

UX/UI Design

  • Graphic designers
  • UX/UI designers

DevOps & Cloud developments

  • Cloud architects
  • Cloud-native developers
  • DevOps
  • ITOps

Databases and Big Data

  • SQL and noSQL developers and administrators

Software Quality Assurance/ Software testing

  • Test managers
  • Manual testers
  • Automated testers
  • QA Engineers

Software support and maintenance

  • Service coordinators
  • Service managers
  • Release Management specialists
  • Support Analysts (1st, 2nd, 3rd lines)
  • Helpdesk specialists
  • SPOC (single point of contact)

Our services

Software development and deployment
Software maintenance and support
End-user support
Our runtime application support services include:

Incident & Problem Management

We provide support for the incidents reported by the system users. Each incident is analyzed in terms of its source, and if the incident indicates a more complex problem, we take necessary actions to improve the system at the source of the incident. Incidents are received and serviced within the agreed SLA.

Change Management

We handle the system maintenance to ensure the expected parameters and functionalities of the system. The service can be extended to include change validation (mainly for companies from the regulated sectors).

Release Management

For RM services, we ensure the implementation of the cyclic system changes, which are usually provided by the manufacturer of the respective system. As part of this service, we evaluate beforehand how the change affects the existing installation to ensure that the update does not cause a loss of current functionality.

Knowledge Management

All the solutions and experiences gathered from incident handling are turned into helpful articles and tips that expand the knowledge base. These materials are helpful for the system users, thus reducing the time of handling the incidents and decreasing their number.

Maintenance services can be organized at L1-L3 levels depending on the requirements of the organization. Support is provided within the agreed SLA.

As part of our specialties, we offer support services for the users of Cornerstone OnDemand and systems.

The most popular profiles of our specialists

Azure Data Engineer

PySpark, Azure Databricks and Power BI.
Excellent understanding of data modeling, SQL and OLAP principles.
Experienced with DevOps in Azure.

Senior Data Engineer

Python, Apache NiFi, relational SQL using AWS stack.
Experience in building cloud, scalable, real time, and high performance data lake solutions.
Experience in building automated data pipelines in AWS.


Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm.
Experience in end to end DevOps implementation for medium or large scale solutions.
Modernization and improvement of current CI/CD processes.

Fullstack .Net Developer

C#, .Net Core, TS, React, Redux
Creating C# microservice platform dedicated for banking sector
Building responsive SPA in a microfrontend environment

Outsourcing IT solutions – what is it about?

Nowadays, the digitalisation of business plays a huge role. It is hard to imagine an industry where modern software, virtual databases and internet access are not involved in the daily operation of the business. However, this does not mean that every company has to have its own team to ensure that the IT infrastructure functions smoothly. IT outsourcing support is a business attractive solution with many benefits supporting its implementation.

In simple terms, such a service involves outsourcing all or part of the IT-related activities to an external contractor. Outsourcing IT solutions can take a variety of forms – from the delegation of specific tasks to support for entire areas of infrastructure, or comprehensive project implementation to specialised service providers.


What benefits does IT outsourcing offer?

Outsourcing IT services to external companies is becoming increasingly popular in the market. This is no surprise – the benefits of such a solution open the door to competitive advantage. IT outsourcing support for your company means:

• cost optimisation: you do not need to employ an entire IT department for your company – by outsourcing, you only pay for specific activities and services,

• speed of problem solving: specialised employees are very familiar with the solutions you use, so they can react much more quickly to errors and carry out necessary software upgrades,

• access to specialist knowledge and skills: companies offering outsourced IT solutions select specialists for your business in such a way that their skills match all your needs,

• the ability to focus on development: by outsourcing your technology infrastructure, you also gain valuable time, which will allow you to dedicate more resources and working hours to acquiring customers and gaining a competitive advantage.


eConsulting – professional IT outsourcing support

Our services stand out in the market due to the multi-step, comprehensive process of matching specialists to your business. It ensures that we provide you with the support of an employee who fully meets your individual needs. During individual meetings, we will discuss the areas in which you need outsourced IT solutions, as well as your hard and soft skill requirements. Based on the results of the consultation, we will find an expert who is ideal for the tasks assigned to him/her.

The unique methodology used by eConsulting and the innovative competence verification methods make our outsourcing IT solutions a guarantee for the success of our project. We have a huge base of both regular associates and modern ways of acquiring the specialists available on the job market – as well as the tools to easily find the perfect candidate for you among them.


Wide range of IT outsourcing services

Working with eConsulting can benefit not only companies that need support in keeping their software up to date and functioning correctly. You can also choose IT outsourcing support when you are faced with a project that requires the involvement of highly specialised employees. We can offer you the help of experts such as Full Stack Net Developers, DevOps who are well versed in the principles of agile software development or Data Engineers.

The range of services we can provide as part of IT outsourcing covers various branches of the industry, such as software development, UX/UI design, testing and quality assurance, as well as modern cloud solutions. Our experts work with a wide range of different technologies and programs. They are also well versed in security and data protection, so eConsulting support is sure to meet your company’s standards.



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