Empowering Integration and Automation

At eConsulting, we streamline your business processes by integrating systems to break down data silos and foster collaborative efforts. Our expertise in automating data synchronization significantly boosts productivity and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and unified user experience by adding any missing functionalities.

With a focus on HR and Human Capital Management system (HCM) integrations, we offer tailored solutions that comply with the stringent regulations of the life sciences sector. Our commitment extends to empowering businesses through seamless integrations and creating custom applications to support IT departments when your resources are stretched thin.

Our services include:

Integration Component Lifecycle:

Development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

System Integration Expertise:

Proficiency with Cornerstone Ondemand, Veeva, SAP, Azure, Salesforce, and PostgreSQL, among others.

Data Management:

Exchanging and synchronizing data across systems.

Automated Testing:

Designing automated test suites for integration components.

Monitoring Solutions

Creation and development for integrations and automation.

Workflow Automation:

Designing and maintaining automated workflows for internal processes.

Custom Solutions:

Leveraging low-code Microsoft Azure services, and developing advanced solutions with .Net and React.

Authentication Integration:

Custom solutions based on industry standards.



Digitization and systematic development of the organization cause a large diversity in the use of systems and the increasingly complex structure of IT. This makes the current operation and implementation of new business initiatives a challenge for organizations. As part of the integration department, eConsulting helps clients fully use their systems and data.

Specializing in application integration, eConsulting can help your IT department in the field of integration projects from planning to implementation, while providing in-depth expert support. Our company provides IT and consulting services. We cooperate with leading global innovators in the field of integration solutions. We develop solutions that offer our clients business benefits.

Our portfolio showcases significant achievements, for example deploying a global customer care Salesforce service for a tobacco company across 130 markets, offering 24/7 support, auditing and maintaining custom components for health test sales, implementing internal sales processes, developing a Service Cloud application for digital medication complaints, and launching an HR portal for an organization with over 70,000 employees. These examples of successes underscore our expertise in delivering comprehensive, cloud-based solutions tailored to enhance operational efficiency and customer Engagement.

We at eConsulting have executed numerous successful projects. Some of them include:

  • Serverless Veeva EDMS to CSOD LMS data synchronization middleware

  • Solution for enabling guest access to an existing application using QR codes via SAML

  • Microservice infrastructure platform for data standardization and synchronization with CI/CD

  • Custom synchronization of user groups for tens of thousands of groups and hundreds of thousands of users

  • Implementation of regulated complaint reporting workflow

  • Design and implementation of physical access control based on training records in LMS

  • Mass data mapping and loading for a system without an API

  • Automated business notification system for integrating process errors

  • Implementation of data pipeline batching for large-scale geographic data computation

  • Leading the rewrite of the banking data archivization ETL process

  • Webhook-based integration between ATS and Microsoft Teams

  • Various integrations using SOAP API, REST API, and GraphQL

Low-code integrations

using Azure Logic Apps

As a Microsoft Partner, we possess the capability to seamlessly implement integrations utilizing industry-proven technology from Microsoft. Leveraging the low-code platform Azure Logic Apps, we enable the deployment of workflows with reduced complexity, eliminating the necessity for custom code and minimizing the intervention of software developers in accommodating change requests.

Our extensive experience coupled with Infrastructure as Code templates facilitates cost-effective deployments, mitigating the need for extensive DevOps involvement. We also offer comprehensive hosting solutions that equip you with the tools you need to work seamlessly in your Azure environment or, as a CSP partner, a dedicated Azure cloud environment that is pre-configured for immediate use.


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