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Let us together design and implement a cloud of your own.
Standard-based, flexible and economic. For swift provisioning and agile teams. All automated and more: self-healing and self-reporting.
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Key offerings

Automated DevOps
Cloud-native & Validated

Structure, organization, process and control of the automated code supply chain for the cloud.
  • Build new apps in an agile style and with compliance in mind, so your new software goes live validated while leveraging the latest technologies.
  • Set up your DevSecOps environment with a focus on time-to-market via automation; guidelines alignment, security, and compliance come as a standard, validation – as an option.
  • DevOps or SQA staffing, SW architects or coders in your team or on your behalf.

Smart Migrations to Cloud

Public or hybrid cloud migration for validated modern system platforms.

  • Cloud migrations include roll-back, business continuity strategies.
  • Integrations of on-premises and cloud microservices.
  • Securing your hybrid cloud. Store passwords in industry standard vaults. Introduce credentials scanners, and check your containers for security vulnerabilities. DevSecOps in practice.
  • Migration of business processes to the cloud and cloud-native tooling, so your new initiatives are truly born in the cloud.
  • Both the process of migration and migrated workloads will optionally be validated as per your GxP regulations.

Maintaining Validated Cloud and Applications

Comprehensive service ensuring your platforms run validated at all times.

  • Whether operated solely by your team or by eConsulting or both, continuous operations, technical support service and knowledge resources remain essential for your organization’s effectiveness.
  • For the GxP regulated lines of your business, the service will maintain the whole process and environment in a continuously validated state.

Select benefits and expertise

Build the Cloud Foundation

  • Business-driven cloud architecture and functions – hyperscalers/public clouds, HYBRID, or private
  • Implementation of the required functionality
  • Sizing the capacity for now and the close future
  • Anticipating requirements, sizing, and cost predictions
  • Enablement of the customer team
  • Technical support or managed service

Streamlined, Frictionless Software Delivery

  • DevOps, DevSecOps, a role and an organizational concept – release management – automation architect – comprehensive security requirements – compliance requirements – mentoring/expanding the developer responsibilities to testing and ongoing monitoring until go-live
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Automated Testing
  • Integrations, API management
  • Skill Enablement, technical support, managed services

Security and Identity in the Cloud Environment

  • Identification of security deficiencies and building strategy for enhancement.
  • Integration of legacy as well as with SaaS apps for smooth identification and enhanced security.
  • Security-oriented visibility and compliance verification of the migration process and the migrated environment.
  • Validation against security requirements and related GxP regulations.

why us?


DevOps Engineers with specializations in

  • Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Security: DevSecOps
  • Validated/GxP environments
  • Azure DevOps Services
  • DevOps on Google Cloud Platform
  • DevOps Tooling by AWS
  • Multicloud setups
  • Hybrid Cloud environments
Creates value by automating your infrastructure, and building development pipelines that will reduce waiting time, and increase release frequency. Our DevOps work with a number of different environments, from on premise to cloud, and can help you choose, and build a solution that will fit your needs. With us, your developers can spend more time developing, and less time configuring infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure Architects and Engineers

Design and create a secure cloud infrastructure to meet your organization’s needs. Our architects will split your cloud into accounts, environments, and virtual networks to ensure responsibility segregation and a small blast radius. While our engineers will optimize cost at the same time keeping the performance on the optimal level.

Kubernetes experts

Create resilient, performant, and secure clusters for your application needs. Our experts advise on tooling around Kubernetes, development tools, and SRE practices. We emphasize monitoring, and visibility, so your clusters work flawlessly. If you are afraid to commit to using Kubernetes within your organization, we can walk you through it, and ensure it is a success.


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