CASE STUDY Enhanced GxP Reporting and Business Continuity Solution

Enhanced GxP Reporting Solution


Enhanced GxP reporting and business continuity solution for life science Client. This company struggled with reports from Cornerstone, mostly because of the limitations related to visualization, calculated fields and volume of data clients can get from the system directly and also wanted to have a business continuity solution to have the data outside of Cornerstone.

Scope of Work

We designed a solution based on available tools which can support their use cases, can display the data they need the way they need it and also we started to build on the foundations to extend the functionalities to support the following:

• GxP training compliance reports

• KPIs to ensure that learners and admins follow the global standards

• Business continuity solution which is available even if Cornerstone is not available

• Training compliance on work related tasks and processes


The solution eConsulting designed based on the available tools has successfully addressed the clients’ use cases and provided them with the necessary support. It enables users to display the data they need in the desired format, catering to their specific requirements.


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