CASE STUDY Enhancing data transfer for a Swedish appliance giant

data transfer


The customer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances for home consumer use, such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, with its headquarters in Sweden. The company employs 45,000 people globally and, as part of a group of leading appliance brands, sells household products in approximately 120 markets annually.

The customer’s objective was to introduce a cloud-based tool for transferring and modifying data between existing ERP solutions and learning platforms within their infrastructure.

They sought a partner with experience in cloud-based data transfer solutions. The customer referred us due to our expertise, knowledge of the field, and competence in existing systems, as well as software development in a distributed-cloud environment.

Our task was to develop applications and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) services to manage the transfer and modification of data between the customer’s existing ERP systems and learning tools within their infrastructure.

Scope of work – data transfer

Step 1: The project began with an analysis of the client’s existing systems, business case, and definition of the data exchange and transfer process.

Step 2: Defining the architecture of the proposed solution, the data exchange process and documenting detailed technical specifications.

Step 3: Identify problems and present an alternative solution.

Step 4: Develop a development plan, align it with the client’s priorities, and proceed with the development of ETL applications and services.

Step 5: Rigorous testing to ensure the quality and reliability of the solution. Based on the test results, we implemented the necessary improvements.

Step 6: Train the client’s existing developers on the project workflow and increase their proficiency in best practices and tools.

The project spanned 1 month of analysis and 8 months of development, with the involvement of 1 architect and 2 developers. Task scope and duration were monitored using Azure DevOps, while the development process adhered to Scrum methodology.

Result – introducing cloud-based tool for transferring and modifying data

We developed the architecture and established seamless communication between the systems, addressing any identified issues by suggesting and implementing alternative solutions. Moreover, we provided comprehensive training to the client’s existing developers, enhancing their proficiency in best practices, tools, and the cloud system solution. Throughout the development phase, we also extended our support beyond the initial scope by proposing improvements to the requirements, thereby enhancing the final product.

The customer provided positive feedback on the project outcome, highlighting our extensive experience, adaptability to change, and professional management of both the project and development processes. They appreciated our proactive approach, which included providing advice on optimal solutions.

As a result of our efforts, the automation and customization of the data exchange process between ERP and Learning tools were successfully implemented. This led to tangible benefits such as the automation and acceleration of previously manual and time-consuming processes.

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