CASE STUDY How eConsulting optimized Cornerstone’s authentication process using QR codes

QR Codes


The customer is a leading international technology enterprise in the optics and optoelectronics industries, with over 40,000 employees across around 50 countries. Their headquarters is in Germany.

They aimed to introduce solutions for automatically logging users into the Cornerstone platform using QR codes.

The customer needed a company with experience, knowledge of the area, and expertise in existing systems and software development in a distributed-cloud environment.

They chose eConsulting as the service provider due to our successful collaboration on previous projects.

Scope of authentication process using QR codes

Tech Stack: .NET Core 5, WebApi, Azure Functions

tech stack

Step 1: Requirements and Business Analysis. The client provided the requirements, and we conducted a business analysis.

Step 2: Solution Architecture. We designed the architecture of the proposed solution, focusing on the process of automatic login using QR codes.

Step 3: Technical Documentation. We created detailed technical specifications.

Step 4: Development. We developed the Single Sign-On service.

Step 5: Testing. We conducted tests to ensure the solution’s quality and reliability.

Step 6: Release. After successful testing, we released the final product.

Authentication process using QR codes

The main challenge we faced was preparing the Single Sign-On service for the existing Cornerstone platform to enable user authentication via QR codes.

The eConsulting team consisted of a business analyst, an architect, a developer, a DevOps engineer, and a tester. The project took 3 months to complete, including business analysis, architecture design, development, testing, and release.


Thanks to eConsulting, Client was able to introduce QR code authentication for new users on the Cornerstone system. Previously, the lack of this solution made user registration and authentication cumbersome and time-consuming.

This custom project had a deadline linked to an event. We delivered it on time, and during the event, we provided close support. In case anything went wrong, we were on standby and ready to assist.

The client was highly satisfied with our services. They particularly appreciated our experience, adaptability, professional project and development management, and proactive advice on better solutions.


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