CASE STUDY How eConsulting unified training for a complex healthcare corporate ecosystem

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Subject – How to Achieve The Unified Training

Our client is a multinational hospital chain of diagnostic and healthcare services, focusing on markets mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and has recently entered India. The customer operates through two divisions – Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Services. The company has over 44 000 employees, with its headquarters located in Poland. 

They engaged eConsulting to implement three Cornerstone OnDemand modules: Core, LMS and CHR.

The primary goal of this project was to ensure that all employees within the customer’s company, which is a highly complex organization continually expanding with new entities each having varying standards and practices, underwent specific training. 

The customer’s aim was to ensure that all their subsidiaries and employees received training from designated programs. This primary objective aimed to establish a unified training platform for the entire organization and a centralized learning system.

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The customer selected eConsulting through a tender process, during which eConsulting’s proposal stood out among all others. The client chose eConsulting due to our extensive expertise in the field, complemented by our status as a local partner, which effectively resolved the challenge of managing different time zones. 

Scope of work

We kicked off the project conducting BPA (Business Process Alignment) to standardize and streamline our learning processes. Given the client’s vast scale as a large organization, their processes varied significantly across different business units and countries. Their goal was to establish standardized processes that could be universally applied across all business units. The BPA phase lasted approximately 2 months.

Moving forward, we entered the implementation phase, inclusive of testing. The customer provided us with a detailed list of our system requirements. We then integrated these specifications into the system. Following this, we entered the prototyping stage. Here, our team proposed solutions on how to meet the customer’s needs using Cornerstone’s capabilities. We engaged in collaborative discussions with the client, exchanging insights on page appearance, configurations, and the visibility of fields for different users, among other aspects.

Upon completing the prototyping phase, we transitioned to the Proof of Concept. At this juncture, our team demonstrated an end-to-end process from various viewpoints, encompassing those of users and managers. Upon our approval of the proof of concept, eConsulting transferred the configuration to the production environment. 

Due to the client’s limited internal human resources, eConsulting took charge of the testing process, both crafting and executing comprehensive tests to ensure the system’s functionality. 

Following the successful testing and the system’s launch for the organization’s employees, the client has maintained our collaboration for ongoing system maintenance. In addition to system maintenance, eConsulting oversees CSOD Change Management, Incident Management, as well as Patch and Release Process Management for the client.

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The eConsulting team comprised four members: an engagement manager, two implementation consultants, and an individual responsible for technical projects.

We held weekly meetings where our team presented what tasks had been completed, what lay ahead, anticipated risks, and more. We utilized Trello as a tool to track the progress of our work. This management approach proved highly effective in ensuring transparency, addressing potential issues proactively, and maintaining a cohesive workflow throughout the project.

Result of CSOD implementation: Seamless Learning

Currently, we are handling system support, administration, Release and Patch Management processes, incident management for the client — essentially providing comprehensive assistance across all Cornerstone services. Initially, we implemented CSOD only for one of their business units. Over time, we’ve expanded our scope to encompass numerous business units, which now comprise a substantial portion of the client’s group. 

Previously, the customer lacked a global learning tool, but now they have a universally accessible platform that offers structured unified training and development plans for all their employees. The objective was to ensure completion of essential training by employees, and thanks to the Cornerstone system and eConsulting implementation, this goal is being achieved.

The customer was impressed by our profound expertise and understanding of the system, coupled with their highly organized work structure and adaptability to our needs. Our consistently high-quality workshops not only showcased our commitment to excellence but also highlighted the ability to cater to our specific requirements.


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