CASE STUDY How we implemented middleware for fast and secure data transfer in biotech

Middleware for fast data transfer


Our client is a leading biopharmaceutical company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a strong focus on improving patient outcomes in endocrinology, rare diseases, oncology, and ophthalmology. 

They recognized the need to enhance their data management capabilities within their learning infrastructure and sought to introduce a modern cloud tool for fast and secure data transfer.

Choosing to partner with us on this project was a natural decision for the client, given our established collaboration on previous endeavors. They valued our experience, particularly in navigating similar projects and our expertise in software development within distributed cloud environments. 

Scope of work – middleware implementation

The project kicked off with the client laying out their requirements, which served as our roadmap for conducting a thorough business analysis. From there, we crafted the architecture of the proposed solution, keeping a keen eye on the intricacies of the data transfer process. Detailed technical specifications guided our development process.

Our biggest challenge arose from the need to integrate disparate learning platforms within the client’s infrastructure. Developing an ETL service capable of harmonizing data exchange and accurately computing changes between these platforms demanded innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail.

We conducted rigorous testing to validate its performance, followed by a comprehensive validation process to ensure it met the client’s expectations. Any necessary tweaks were promptly made based on feedback and test results. To oversee this process, we involved our internal Validation team. This team managed the validation process and finalized all documentation, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy every step of the way.

One of the major hurdles we faced was developing the ETL service to effectively handle data transfer and changes between the client’s existing learning tools. However, our team’s collective expertise and collaborative approach enabled us to overcome this challenge successfully.

middleware implementation

Development and support of middleware code was provided with Azure Dev Ops:

  • Git repository – for code storing code and tracking it’s changes using GIT Branching model;
  • Build pipeline – for middleware solution build package and run tests;
  • Release pipeline with environments – for built package releasing to DEV/Test/Prod environments.

In addition to meeting the project’s objectives, we went the extra mile by offering suggestions for further improvements beyond the initial scope. Throughout the project timeline — comprising one month of analysis, three months of development, and one month of validation — we remained dedicated to delivering results.

Our project team, consisting of a business analyst, architect, developers, dev ops specialist, and tester, worked closely together to ensure smooth progress. Task scope and duration were meticulously tracked using Azure Dev Ops, while development followed agile principles, specifically within the Scrum framework.


The client expressed great satisfaction with our performance throughout the project. They appreciated our expertise, adaptability, and professional project and development management. 

Our ability to smoothly navigate changes and maintain professionalism throughout the project left a positive impression on the client, strengthening their confidence in our capabilities.

Furthermore, the client noted our proactive approach in going beyond the project scope to provide suggestions for better solutions which can be truly beneficial for their long-term success.

Ultimately, the project achieved its primary objective: the successful implementation of automation and streamlining of the data exchange process between learning tools. 

This change effectively eliminated manual inefficiencies and significantly accelerated processes, marking a substantial improvement from the previous slow and cumbersome workflow.

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