CASE STUDY Implementing Cornerstone LMS with a Custom Solution

Implementing Cornerstone LMS with a Custom Solution


Implementing Cornerstone LMS with a custom solution. This client is a German multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of optical and optoelectronic systems, precision measurement, and medical technology. To enhance the learning and development of its employees, the company decided to implement a learning management system (LMS) from Cornerstone OnDemand. The LMS would enable the company to provide its employees with personalized learning experiences, track their progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of its training programs.

Scope of work

A custom solution was proposed to the client during implementation, allowing the company to manage data retention times according to whether employees work in the GxP environment or not. 

The solution was based on the Calculated Fields module of the reporting 2.0 and EDGE Import Data Feeds. By using calculated field scripts, a new numerical ID for the Legal Entity OU is created for employees actively participating in GxP activities, and it is added to the report in accordance with the order in which Edge Import load files are loaded (legal entities have different retention times for ordinary employees vs. those in GxP).

A report generated as a result is automatically placed on the FTP server, where the Edge Data Feed functionality retrieves the file at a four-hour interval and updates the Legal Entity ID on the user’s record.


This custom solution enabled our client to automate the process of selecting and assigning different retention times to different types of employees based on their work areas, thus complying with GDPR requirements. As a result of eConsulting’s expertise in LMS customization and Cornerstone’s robust LMS platform, the company achieved its goals and improved its overall operations.


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