CASE STUDY Implementing Cornerstone OnDemand LMS for Biopharmaceutical Company

Implementing Cornerstone OnDemand LMS


Implementing Cornerstone OnDemand LMS with a custom solution. This client is a German biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of various diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company has become a leading innovator in the field of biotechnology. Our client recognized the need to improve its learning and development programs for its employees. To achieve this goal, the company decided to implement a learning management system (LMS) from Cornerstone OnDemand. The LMS would allow our client to deliver personalized learning experiences to its employees, track their progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of its training programs.

Scope of work

During the implementation process, the eConsulting team proposed a custom solution to the client that would allow employees to store and manage their CVs within the LMS. 

eConsulting suggested using a deep link URL that would link to the Snapshot functionality as the source of the training material. With this solution, the CV materials could be automatically assigned as part of the onboarding process for new employees and periodically reassigned for document refreshment. Employees would be required to upload their CV and sign off on the completion of the task, thereby officially acknowledging that they have completed the activity.


This custom solution enabled the company to streamline its onboarding process and ensure that employee CVs were kept up-to-date. With the LMS in place, our client was able to provide its employees with a comprehensive learning and development program that supported their career development goals. The eConsulting team’s expertise in LMS customization, combined with Cornerstone’s robust LMS platform, allowed the client to achieve its objectives and improve its overall organizational performance.


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