CASE STUDY Improving Walkme Solution for a Global Medical Diagnostics Company


Improving Walkme Solution for a Global Medical Diagnostics Company.

Our client, a prominent medical diagnostics company operating in over 150 countries with approximately 13,500 employees, recorded sales of CHF 15.7 billion (around USD 16.7 billion) in 2020 and allocated CHF 2.7 billion (about USD 2.9 billion) for research and development. The client initially implemented Walkme for Cornerstone but faced limitations. The existing solution displayed the same content to all users, irrespective of their roles or affiliations. The client sought to customize Walkme content for users with varying roles (e.g., default user, supervisor, admin) and from different countries or affiliates. The main challenge was to create a solution that recognized users’ roles and adapted Walkme content accordingly.

Scope of Work

eConsulting delivered an efficient solution that seamlessly identified users’ roles and presented relevant Walkme content. Our team integrated Walkme with the client’s user role database, enabling role recognition upon login. This allowed for personalized Walkme content, ensuring users received tailored guidance. We collaborated closely with the client’s content team to develop role-specific templates, enhancing Walkme content display and overall user experience.


eConsulting’s solution empowered the healthcare company to provide role-specific Walkme content, greatly boosting user adoption and satisfaction, and contributing to achieving their business goals. Furthermore, the solution was easy to implement and maintain, saving the client valuable time and resources. Our dedicated customer support ensured the project’s success and met the client’s expectations.


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