CASE STUDY Managing patches around CSOD

Managing patches

Patch is the compilation of fixes implemented regularly into the system for two weeks. The first step is to implement a change in SNOW application and item in JIRA. Then, we need to create a document Change Template including description of all fixes which will be tested by us to make sure that they were implemented. The next step is to test sets opening in HP ALM to make regression tests. Thanks to them, we can check if there are no changes, which can have a negative impact on business. After regression tests, we create Final Assessment document, which includes the list of all regression tests with ID and results. Furthermore, we add the description of all fixes and possible errors which can appear in case any of the test fails. After patch implementation and performing all the tests, we need to do weekend verification to check if the system works properly. If any test fails, we open CSOD’s case to fix it. During the final step, we make sure that no fixes had impact on regression tests. If that happens, test must be updated.


Implementation of fixes into the system every two weeks to improve work and make our clients more satisfied.

Scope of work

We test fixes to make sure that implementation went well.
We create business documentation related to Patch (change description, initial assessment, final assessment, closing report).
We perform regression tests to check if implemented fixes do not have a negative impact on the system.
In case of failure of any regression test, we open CSOD’s case to fix the issue.
After the whole Patch’s implementation, we make weekend verification to check if everything works properly.


System works more effectively.
Greater satisfaction of clients.
Faster identification and deletion of potential errors thanks to regularly performed Patch.

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