NEWS Assuring compliance and training through integration of securities


Access OnDemand (AOD) is a CSOD integration that extends the system functionality by validating a user’s learning transcript to assure all required trainings have been completed to use or access a piece of equipment, a room or a building.

While AOD enforces compliance, it provides the required training and needed completions to the users directly in CSOD on-the-go. Additional functionality allows for notifications to managers or supervisors and reporting. AOD allows for tracking of all compliant operators or access based on regulatory requirements. This tracking assists in staffing and planning.

AOD is a fully GxP application, serving a purpose in validated or regulated environments.


AOD is integrated into the CSOD platform which means all operations are performed with single sign-on login to CSOD. There is no requirement for an additional instructor authorization (login) and search or storage of additional links. Access to the operation is easily controlled.

The tool uses direct connections through API protocols, which is safe and eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled access to the system. In addition, the badge reader can be used to confirm participants’ attendance to the course.

The AOD gave functionality to map access levels with required compliance status of assigned training and materials. Every end level like door security system on the floor, room or building can be mapped with a list of required trainings.

  • Every user who wants to access secured area need to provide access details like:
    Employee Badge ID
  • QR code read by phone camera or AOD QR reader AOD records information about configuration changes and access level tries (success and failed).


1. Fingerprint user authorization
2. Face-recognition users’ authorization
3.Additional authorization, e.g. Near Field Communication (NFC) – employee badges, telephone, digital identifier

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