NEWS CSOD Connect Live Event in Chicago

Big News Alert straight from CSOD Connect Live Event in Chicago!

Cornerstone OnDemand has just announced the launch of Cornerstone Galaxy, an innovative AI-powered workforce agility platform designed to address the workforce readiness gap! With Cornerstone Galaxy, organizations can overcome barriers to transformation by identifying and addressing skills shortages that hinder corporate performance.

The company has unveiled new industry-leading innovations within the platform, such as:

1. Cornerstone Immerse – the advanced immersive spatial learning solution includes an open-ended, adaptive, generative AI-based companion, dialogue-based experiences and a content subscription dedicated to extended reality environments.

2. Cornerstone Companion – an AI-powered companion purpose-built for talent development to build plans, access knowledge, curate, and build targeted content collections and create job descriptions faster.

3. Cornerstone Talent Intelligence – building on its powerful analytics and AI engine, in partnership with Visier, Cornerstone Talent Intelligence provides rich, comprehensive data visualizations that connect talent processes to tangible outcomes like retention, skills acquisition, and engagement.

For more details, you can read the press release from Cornerstone OnDemand.

If you’re also at the Connect Live event in Chicago, make sure to stop by our booth for a conversation with Mateusz Falkus and Adam Dziedziński about the new world of work! 😃


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