NEWS ILTH- Instructor Led Training Hub

Making an instructor’s life easier!


Instructor Led Training Hub (ILTH) makes an instructor’s work easy and pleasant. The tool enables training participants to easily communicate with the instructor through its functionalities.

That allows for:

  • ease of session creation
  • management of the training session along with attendee
  • communication between training course members


Apart from badges, a user can confirm their presence by entering the user login and password.

The tool is integrated in the CSOD platform which means that all operations are performed inside it; therefore, there is no need to log in to other portals. There is no requirement for an additional instructor authorization (login) and search or storage of additional links. Access to the operation is easily controlled.

The tool uses direct connections through API protocols, which is safe and eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled access to the system. In addition, the badge reader can be used to confirm participants’ attendance to the course.

1. Shortening the process by eliminating a paper attendance list during the training sessions
2. Process automation, single point of user or training management
3. Reduction of errors, such as an inappropriate person assigned to the paper version of the training course, illegibility of the attendance list, delays in the training process, etc
4. Ease of communication and management of training course
5. Allows the training  instructor to send a unique  URL to attendees who are  present remotely in order to confirm their attendance at the training of attendance at the training course by scanning users’ badges
6. Badge IDs are stored in CSOD, therefore quick data access is enabled, and the data is managed in CSOD or by external systems
7. Integration with users’ calendars and resources

1. Fingerprint user authorization
2. Face-recognition users’ authorization
3. Additional authorization, e.g. NFC, telephone, digital identifier

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