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Business is driven by nourishing employees and their talent needs. HCM systems provide a convenient framework for onboarding, managing, engaging and skilling your workforce.  However, you should be sure to pick the best platform for maximum results. According to Fosway 9-Grid analysis, few can compete with the Cornerstone OnDemand learning suite.

Companies grow with the skills of their people. Arranging the right conditions for fostering employee talent and engagement is among the primary drivers of business success. If it feels like a challenge – it shouldn’t. With a top-level SaaS platform, human capital management is neat and easy. When it comes to top-level, there’s hardly any solution that compares to the learning suite provided by Cornerstone OnDemand, with whom we, as eConsulting, proudly partner.

Cornerstone’s learning system is the top choice according to Fosway’s 9-Grid in-depth research

Independent research, conducted by Fosway Group, acknowledges Cornerstone as a strategic leader in the field of learning technology. According to Fosway’s 9-Grid in-depth analysis, Cornerstone’s suite for human capital management is unparalleled for its scope, capability and sophistication. It’s also a top-shelf solution based on performance, including friendly user experience– particularly with regard to corporate customers.

It’s worth to stress that Cornerstone’s platform is an advanced system integrating a wide array of traditional and next generation learning approaches. Whereas, many solutions are narrowly specialized and focused on just one area of workforce skilling or management. In practical terms, this means that Cornerstone’s suite – as opposed to single-domain solutions – is capable of covering a whole spectrum of an organization’s HCM needs.

Choose the best learning suite for the best business results

Deciding on the right learning system provider and platform is of strategic importance for a business that wants to thrive in the time of digital transformation and economic crisis brought forth by current work environment limitations and new order of business. Proper onboarding, managing, skilling and engaging employees are is crucial for the evolution and long-term success of a company. According to Fosway’s study, the majority of organizations can expect to increase their investment in learning systems in the coming year, while the rest will at least stick to the current level of outlay.

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