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Are your online courses utilizing Flash Player? If the answer is “yes”, you might be facing a serious problem. Adobe will stop supporting Flash after December 31, 2020. Any digital content employing this technology needs urgent update. We will explain what you can do about it.

The news doesn’t come unexpected. Adobe first announced their plans in July 2017. Complementary statements were issued by Adobe’s tech partners – Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla among others. As of January 1, 2021, Flash will no longer be updated and distributed, and will be disabled by default in most browsers.

This is the final wake-up call for the companies utilizing this technology in their Cornerstone OnDemand courses or other digital products. Multimedia content requiring Flash player for viewing needs an urgent update – otherwise it will simply fail to launch.

HTML5, WebGL, WebAssembly: new standards for online content

Flash has played its part in the evolution of the Web, shaping the way users run applications, play games or watch videos online. Nonetheless, it has long been criticized as “buggy” and eventually deprecated. The role of Flash has consistently diminished as the open standards, such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly, have matured and provided a more feasible alternative, now integrated into most browsers.

In the tech area, standards change stunningly fast. Many companies that focus primarily on doing business fail to follow the technological shifts and movements that might influence their operations. This is easily understandable, given the Web dynamics. However, such omissions in the long run might hamper the company’s growth and translate to lower revenue.

How to fix the “Flash-issue” and update your online courses?

More importantly, businesses that overlook the vital changes, such as phasing out specific technological standards, often find themselves in a tight spot. The risk of such predicament occurs just now with the end-of-life for Flash Player. Companies employing Flash-based online courses in various areas of HR management might fail to deliver their content to end-users. Issues might also occur with completions and tracking.

The good news is – these problems can easily be avoided. With the help of an experienced IT partner, your company can easily fix the issue and update the content necessary for deploying your courses or create it from scratch. A professional learning company will neatly handle the process and refurbish your digital product to serve your HR and business goals.

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